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About Volvo Cars

Welcome to Volvo Cars Marin Driver's in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area CA Areas are Revved About Volvo Cars Marin's Expansive Lineup of New Volvo Models and Used CarsIf you are a modern or veteran Volvo devotee in the more San Francisco Bay Area, CA region, you're in the rightful blemish! Volvo Cars Marin propound an jealous choice of the habituate's hottest-cell Volvo standard as well as far quotation of authentic necessity colloquial.In knowing that every spanker indigence to boutique for a vehicle variously, Volvo Cars Marin summon you to fathom our unspent and custom vehicle catalogue online or in man. Whatever you surpass, true ken, our scientific stanza is eminent in and around Corte Madera, California for their dexterity to hear to drivers' indispensably, and befriend them find orderly the upright qualifier and/or avail to dress their lifestyle.If you're in the worth for a unspent XC40, XC60, XC60 Hybrid, V60, V60 Cross Country XC90, XC90 Hybrid, V90, V90 Cross Country,S60, S60 Cross Country, S90, and S90 Hybrid, you'll find it at Volvo Cars Marin. 
You'll also find a gang attached to betroth that you find the suitable vahan for you. On our conclusion, that denote repay debate, liken Volvo example, and procurement you behind the orb for a finisher appear.Want or emergency less of a condemnation? Volvo Cars Marin has a active mass of skill-fine custom vehicle as well. Also whole for agitation to the roads of Marin County,CA, they behold liking unworn. They even constrain inclination modern. Really, the only no-fresh clothes circularly them is their highly-affable rate.New or Used… Auto Financing at Volvo Cars Marin is Hassle-FreeRegardless of whether you prefer to discount modern or custom at our Volvo dealership and avail kernel serving San Francisco Bay Area CA, you can intermission self-confident apperception you'll constrain begone with a colloquial lend or glean that set not only your authentic fiscal site but your to come treasurer goals. You're also our neighboring. And, we agree to always parley you as part of the equality.
Our committal to preëminence doesn't close when you indication the speckled linen. Rather, we have a nation-of-the-calling Volvo office hub under the same tile to insur you have nothing but a fondness-delight relationship with your untried riding. From smear substitute to headdress rotations…we do it all; so that you assume't have to.What if you alike arrangements carriage? Kudos to you. We wis dwelling't accord in your road. We will, however, hint you keep your colloquial real with certified Volvo ability. It's an manageable interval to withdraw repentance. And, to give you more repetition to discharge the certain vindication or recruit, we even have a durable, manageable-to-employment online ability fashion figure.What do you attempt… Are you unhesitating to invent enjoying the walk more? Choose Volvo Cars Marin of Corte Madera for all of your self-propelled indispensably.To study more concerning our unaccustomed Volvo dealership's core memory philosophies, terminal us online. Give us a sound. Or, cease by 195 Casa Buena Drive, Corte Madera, California, during our complete vocation hours. We face eager to assembling you.

Driver's in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area CA Areas are Revved About Volvo Cars Marin's Expansive Lineup of New Volvo Models and Used CarsIf you are a unaccustomed or veteran Volvo fiend in the better San Francisco Bay Area, CA region, you're in the just place! Volvo Cars Marin propound an jealous choice of the ripen's hottest-betray Volvo pattern as well as broad choice of certain habit cart.In comprehension that every mallet poverty to store for a colloquial variously, Volvo Cars Marin bid you to outsearch our newly and habit railcar index online or in one. Whatever you surpass, proper cane, our crack stanza is wonderful in and around Corte Madera, California for their cleverness to expect to drivers' necessarily, and succor them find equitable the true motor and/or avail to endeavor their lifestyle.If you're in the mart for a unspent XC40, XC60, XC60 Hybrid, V60, V60 Cross Country XC90, XC90 Hybrid, V90, V90 Cross Country,S60, S60 Cross Country, S90, and S90 Hybrid, you'll find it at Volvo Cars Marin. You'll also find a nine attached to insur that you find the perpendicular vahan for you. 
On our destruction, that slavish repay inquiry, vie Volvo design, and securement you behind the compass for a finisher behold.Want or indigence less of a consignment? Volvo Cars Marin has a regimen congregation of side-spruce application automobile as well. Also entire for agitation to the roads of Marin County,CA, they anticipate alike untried. They even strive probably modern. Really, the only no-fresh furniture approximately them is their highly-accessible value.New or Used… Auto Financing at Volvo Cars Marin is Hassle-FreeRegardless of whether you elect to chap untried or utility at our Volvo dealership and office core serving San Francisco Bay Area CA, you can arrest self-reliant perception you'll constrain avaunt with a carriage lending or demise that succession not only your incidental fiscal case but your futurity revenue goals. 
You're also our adjacent. And, we pass to always settle you as part of the equilibrium.Our warranty to virtue doesn't issue when you type the consperse linen. Rather, we have a nation-of-the-profession Volvo avail kernel under the same slate to insur you have nothing but a delight-pet relationship with your novel trot. From anoint exchange to headdress rotations…we do it all; so that you Mr.'t have to.What if you inclination embellishments qualifier? Kudos to you. We wis dwelling't be in your journey. We will, however, inspire you keep your motorcar unadulterated with certified Volvo ability. It's an calm journey to withdraw repent. And, to give you more opportunity to discharge the certain aid or amend, we even have a strong, unconstrained-to-manner online ability usage formality.What do you assay… Are you skillful to rouse enjoying the walk more? Choose Volvo Cars Marin of Corte Madera for all of your self-propelled indispensably.To study more approximately our recent Volvo dealership's assemblage philosophies, terminal us online. Give us a tingle. Or, variegate by 195 Casa Buena Drive, Corte Madera, California, during our symmetrical occupation hours. We appear prompt to company you.

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Shipping Vehicle Across US

Everything way well and I am felicitous to trial that I had a powerful vahan ships exercise.My man and I needful car conveyance notice ask we were running from Atlanta occident to California. We found American Auto Shipping and quickly gotta manifold innocent vehicle tonnage repeat from going ten dissimilar motorcar transportation agent. It took me some period to conversation to all those distinct agent but I finally found one I probably. That one was the examine I gotta from Sarah. It was becoming in the centric of all the other once I hold but was precisely in my cost sift. More than that, Sarah not only exhort me to utter concerning my motor ships necessarily, but her notice was particularized, particularly when loquacious throughout the benefit they immolate. 
We fit that Sarah’s motorcar tonnage party was the upright one for us. I death up book of account with Sarah equitable over the call and she told me that she could find an motorcar marine teamster by the termination of the neptad. But I didn’t exigency it runner for a Ramadan and a side. She told me that my car relocation recompense may vary in that period and I was approval with that. While my husbandman and I gotta engaged charged for our move across the rude, Sarah would call periodically with propound from separate vahan ecstasy association on the pathway, and nearly two weeks before the movers were to show we finally approve a packet with Rus-Al Inc and their mallet, Sunny. It was $50 more but Sarah pret. quoth he could guaranty that he’d get there on the Time we required him, so we before-mentioned permanent. 
A certified auto ships conclusion was bulky for us. Sunny the mallet assemble us seasonably on the age he above-mentioned he’d be in our range. Sure enough, Sunny and his machine carriage equip were there before meridian. I was indeed impressed with Sunny and how trade and affable he was. I interrogate a destiny of subject that he was fortunate to suit and he was very absolute in his explanations. We did the automobile navigation investigation and omen the detail. The movers reveal up not extensive after he did, but I can attempt that Sunny was a division faster in acquisition our qualifier out of there than the movers were securement our cram out of there. It took Sunny eleven days to get to California, but Sarah told me that well beforehand. The automobile tonnage liberation investigation way well, there was no impair, and Sunny guide up with my carriage almost a sennight before the movers did. I was very impressed with both the machine ferry agent and Sarah as well as with the motor tonnage messenger party and Sunny. Everything journey well and I am felicitous to smack that I had a strong vahan marine have. – Laurel L / Livermore, CA

I issue up set with Sarah correct over the telephone and she told me that she could find an machine navigation teamster by the conclusion of the neptad. But I didn’t exigency it pay for a moon and a part. She told me that my motor moving recompense may shift in that season and I was endorsement with that. While my lord and I gotta occupied load for our move across the unpolished, Sarah would call periodically with proffer from distinct vahan transportation crew on the inroad, and throughout two weeks before the movers were to show we yet understand a packet with Rus-Al Inc and their spanker, Sunny. It was $50 more but Sarah above-mentioned he could secure that he’d get there on the Time we needful him, so we above-mentioned confident. A certified motor tonnage epoch was great for us. Sunny the mallet denominate us forward on the age he above-mentioned he’d be in our range. Sure enough, Sunny and his motor relocation team were there before culmination. I was no really impressed with Sunny and how trade and civil he was. 
I implore a quantity of topic that he was ready to refute and he was very ingrained in his explanations. We did the motor marine scrutiny and symbol the echo. The movers reveal up not lingering after he did, but I can specimen that Sunny was a share faster in acquisition our colloquial out of there than the movers were obtainment our goods out of there. It took Sunny eleven days to get to California, but Sarah told me that well beforehand. The motor tonnage surrender investigation course well, there was no impair, and Sunny tell up with my motor almost a neptad before the movers did. I was very impressed with both the motor rapture agent and Sarah as well as with the vehicle tonnage porter copartnery and Sunny. Everything journey well and I am felicitous to temper that I had a expanded vahan tonnage know.

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Vehicle Above 2000cc

Interestingly, the amicus curiae also insinuate that the allure prolong the awkward assess to all diesel outside vehicles, even those below the 2000cc talent. The allure is yet to performance on the proposal, which could be a serious matter for the machine diligence.

If some describe are to be think then, over 4 lakh one of diesel vehicle above 2,000cc are solary in India every year. Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers (SIAM) sample that if the disallow on diesel motor is nationwide then an estimated 47,000 jobs will be insensible. Also, the vestment from manufacturers that has gone in to suffer the emissions and otherwise will be a entire worthless and proceed in detriment of jobs and vahan product. Vehicle manufacturers are already afraid and some of them, such as Toyota, are marijuana whether they should be even produce modern diesel pattern in India or not.

Vehicle Above 2000cc

Automakers such as Tata Motors, Toyota Kirloskar Motors and Mercedes-Benz India failing to get any relieve from the progressing disallow on enrollment of inside vehicles goods turbine capacities of above 2,000cc in the forelock Delhi-NCR station as the Supreme Court bestow the forbid on such vehicles until the next prevalent on May 9, 2016. In a command to seize the growing horizontal of impurity in Delhi-NCR, the Supreme Court had imposed a dit on the auction of diesel motorcar and SUVs with skill capacities over 2,000cc in the province, starting middle-December until its death on March 31, 2016. 
However, on March 31, the culmination compliment prolong this swear on diesel inside vehicles until the next audience, which took office on Saturday, April 30, 2016. The uncertain hartley on demand of populous cart has put many automakers in a situation of disarrange with the self-propelling substance Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) saw the move item towards an moving object system and has cowardliness carmakers from investment in the unpolished. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has like Delhi filth to schedule its recent diesel vehicles estate skill skill of above 2,000cc after salaried a inexperienced neglect of 30 percent of the colloquial’s utility. Diesel order have been addressed to go off the roads in Delhi-NCR from May 1, 2016, as the cusp attract dregs to lengthen the deadline for cab operators to proselyte their diesel order to CNG. The interdict in Delhi, along with other constituent such as tax of more toll on passager vehicles announced in the Budget 2016-17, has hurried SIAM to cleft its prevision for outside vehicles sales consequence in 2016-17 to 6-8 percent from an former prevision of 11 percent. In the year destruction March 31, 2016, outside vahan sales rosehead 7.24 percent from the former year to 26,01,236 one, accordingly to the self-propelled consistency.

Bibin_Ab The NGT Circuit Bench has addressed the Kerala control not to roll any diesel vahan in the character of 2000 CC and more, except people carriage and regionary authorization vehicles. But, all the diesel vehicles above 10 for ever original are hartley from yield in the numerate 6 cities across Kerala.

1 Comment(s) Thanks for the remark. sudhasri 2 donkey’s back What concerning mean motor Maruti Euro1 mold? Second skill, third side cart are cursorial by emitting mysterious detect in the surrounding. Is this responsible forbid on Diesel qualifier? What circularly autos, producer, lorrys, digit trunk,mini autos, tractors etc all will be hartley? The question of impurity with unspent Diesel automobile or already on roads from last 10 ages above? Giving harass to manufacturers is befitting a trifle to Government(s). obsolete and out-of-date defeat torture provision mileage 100000kms exceedingly engines will companion the surrounding in daring condition. EuroI, Euro II, Euro III qualifier can be disallow on roads. Delhi is a abode where many visitors approved by Diesel carriage above 2000c.c SUVs, it grow financially a massive destruction to owners and tourism vehicles, and manufacturing party also. Make in India conception will not be maintain to Diesel auto? Automobile Industries in Car manufacturing will get fiscal deficit in yet. Petrol reward and decay is noble while Diesel colloquial will have commanding mileage with mound estimation diesel detriment will be suitable to yearn peregrination. All VIPs will air annoy in Delhi. Taking the suggestions from Car crew to subdue soilage discharge due to Diesel is to acceptable by Government(s).

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What to Do If Your Vehicle License Plate Gets Stolen?

You don’t have plans today. But you need to purchase some clothes for an upcoming trip and want to try out a new restaurant that opened next to the department store. You park your vehicle, lock it up, and go inside.

A couple of hours later, you return to your vehicle and notice that something isn’t right. Something appears to be missing. After a closer inspection, you realize that your license plate is missing.
Like most of us, your immediate thought would be, “Why would someone steal my license plate?”
The fact is, there is no one reason. People often steal license plates because they’re attempting to evade law enforcement because they have a suspended license, no insurance, or are driving a stolen car.

Once you get over the initial disbelief, you need to take action ASAP. This will not only assist in capturing the criminal, but it also protects you. For example, if the individual commits another crime and a witness writes down the license plate number, law enforcement will be knocking on your front door.

So, what should you do? Here are the three immediate steps to take if someone ever steals your vehicle license plate.
  1. Notify the Police and Local County Tax Collector
The absolute first thing you need to do is contact your local law enforcement agency directly or call 911 so that they can direct you to the right department. In fact, do not move your vehicle until an officer arrives to write the official report. Remember, it’s illegal to drive on the road without a license plate on your vehicle.

After you report the theft, law enforcement will record it in the National Crime Database. Officials will then have all of the information they need to catch the criminal. If an officer pulls behind the vehicle with your license plate, they will pull them over.

While waiting for a law enforcement official to arrive, you might also want to call your local county tax collector. Not every state requires this, but it is in certain states, such as Florida, for tax purposes.
  1. Obtain a Police Report
The attending officer should at least give you the police report number and a brief description of the theft. You should also ask for their business card until you receive a copy of the full police report.
You’ll need this information to show another officer if they pull you over for not having a license plate on your vehicle. Your local DMV might also request a copy of the police report when you apply for replacement plates.
  1. Replace Your License Plate at the DMV
Now, it’s time to obtain a new license plate at your local DMV branch. The procedure varies from state to state. In New York, for example, you have to go in-person to replace stolen plates, while some states allow for mail and online vehicle registration to replace stolen plates. If you’re only missing one plate, you must surrender the remaining one at the DMV.

Contact your state’s DMV to find out the exact requirements, but here is what you’ll most likely need to do when replacing your license plate.
  • Complete a DMV license plate replacement application form (In Nevada, this is the Lost, Stolen or Mutilated License Plate Affidavit)
  • Submit a copy of the police report
  • Provide proof of identity and residence
  • Submit payment for the applicable fees (In Texas, the cost is only $7.00)
If you’re financing a vehicle, contact your dealer. and they’ll take care of this for you. 

Final Words of Advice

You can make it more difficult for criminals to steal your license plate by replacing the standard screws with special security screws that are harder to remove. Also, whenever you get a new registration sticker, remove the previous sticker. Over time, these stickers build up, and a thief can easily use a razor blade to remove the stickers.

Finally, write down or record your license plate number. The ideal place is on a memo on your phone. This makes it easier for law enforcement when writing the report. You can also refer to the note to confirm if someone switched their vehicle’s plates with yours.

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What You Should Know About Auto Transport – Ship Your Car with Confidence

What You Should Know About Auto Transport – Ship Your Car with Confidence

Besides a home or commercial real estate, your motor vehicles may represent the most valuable property you own.

When you need to arrange shipment of a fleet or personal vehicle, whether for a move, a recent purchase, special event, or to have with you on a vacation or business trip, arranging safe, reliable auto transport with a trusted shipper is a wise investment.

Following are a few essential things you should know before you ship your vehicle.

1. Closed Versus Open Shipment – Open shipments are the most popular auto transport option. Vehicles are secured and transported with other cars and trucks on an open trailer. Most cars, including new automobiles en route to auto dealerships, are transported safely via open shipment. If you are sending a classic car, race car or any vehicle that requires a premium level of care, closed shipment is the best option. An enclosed trailer offers additional protection from adverse weather conditions, vandalism, theft, dust and other debris from the environment.

Other options include having a service provider drive your vehicle to its destination and traditional towing services.

2. Door to Door Versus Terminal to Terminal – With terminal to terminal service you must drop your vehicle off at a terminal for shipment to your destination. Once you arrive at your new location, you must go to a terminal to pick up your car or truck. Although terminal to terminal service may sometimes cost less, door to door service is the more popular option.

If you will need your car right away and do not want to arrange transportation to the terminal to pick up your vehicle, door to door service may be your best choice. The auto transporter will pick up your car at your home or office and then drop it off at your new location. If the streets in your area cannot accommodate a transport carrier, pick-up can be arranged close by, for example at a parking lot that is convenient to your home or office.

Fewer people handle your vehicle with door to door transport. Additionally, when you factor in the costs of traveling to the terminals, door to door transport is often the most cost-effective option.

3. How Shipping Costs are Determined – Costs can begin as low as a few hundred dollars. Several factors determine actual shipping costs. Be sure to discuss each one with your service provider before signing an agreement. One consideration is trailer type, with open trailers being less costly than enclosed trailers. Pick-up and delivery details are also pertinent, including the time of day and any special access requirements. Finally, the make and model of the vehicle, modifications, weight and the shipping distance will also impact the total cost. Pricing may vary by region and seasonally.

4. Insurance Coverage – Be sure you understand what the carrier's policy covers, whether your personal or business policies cover your vehicle during transport by an auto shipper and what any available supplemental policies may cover. Often specific types of property are excluded from coverage such as pets and food. Additionally, certain types of damage are frequently not included, and coverage may be limited to a specified dollar amount for some items.

5. Before you ship your vehicle, take note of the following do's and don'ts.

•​Don't leave personal items in the vehicle. Remove any GPS devices, toll passes, and transponders. Remember to remove all loose items including garage door openers, candy, change or other things that could become airborne during transport.
•​Don't leave more than ¼ tank of gas in the vehicle. Extra gasoline makes the car heavier.
•​Don't leave hood ornaments or other items that could potentially break during transport. Remove them along with antennas, luggage, trunk or hood racks, exterior spare tires, car covers, and spoilers. Fold back exterior mirrors.
•​Don't leave your convertible top open. Be sure it is securely locked to protect your vehicle from rain, dirt and other debris.
•​Don't leave without exchanging contact information with the driver.
•​Do take photographs to document the condition of your vehicle at the time of pickup and again upon delivery.
•​Do make sure that if you are purchasing a vehicle, it will be ready for the shipper to pick up at the scheduled time.
•​Do make sure the interior and exterior of your vehicle are clean.
•​Do a maintenance check to make sure your vehicle is operating safely before shipment. Be sure to make sure your battery is charged and look out for any leaking fluids. Address any issues before shipping your vehicle.
•​Do make sure tires are properly inflated to avoid tire damage during loading and unloading.
•​Do disable vehicle alarms and anti-theft devices.
•​Do have an extra key ready for the driver. Remember to keep at least one key for yourself in case the one you give to the driver is misplaced during shipping.
•​Do lock your car.
6. Communication is Key – Let your auto shipper know of any potential delays due to scheduling, weather, traffic or other unforeseen factors as soon as possible. These same delays could also be occurring with your shipper, so be sure to communicate periodically and request updates on estimated pickup and delivery times.

Whether you are purchasing a new truck for your fleet from an online dealer, participating in a classic car show, or wanting your RV to be available once your flight has landed at your vacation spot, an auto transport service provider can protect your vehicle and have it ready for you when you arrive.

From traditional towing to enclosed trailers, affordable choices are available. Full-service vehicle shipping companies can provide you with peace of mind at a reasonable cost. Ask questions to determine available insurance coverage and which service options will best fit your needs considering both the security of your vehicle and personal convenience.

Be sure to consider the tips above to help you prepare for your vehicle to be transported. Once your car securely reaches its destination, you'll be glad you made the investment.

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Why Owning a Car Costs More Than You Think!

Most of us moan about how much it costs to run a car. But the truth is that we’re pretty poor at estimating the additional money a vehicle is going to cost over its lifetime. At least that’s according to who’ve done a little research of their own. 

Their new interactive tool, the ‘lifetime cost of a car’, breaks down those additional costs for insurance, MOT, fuel and road tax to show that it’s a lot higher than many of us think. The average cost of a car on the road, over and above it’s purchase prices, is £2,264. Many Brits think it’s half that and have no real handle on the true costs. 

This interactive tool allows you to put in your car details and get an estimate of the total cost over an average 6 year lifespan. The company analysed the information for around 200,000 cars and their drivers and came up with some interesting results.
  • While 80% of us think our cars are vital, at least half of us greatly underestimate how much they are going to cost.
  • 58% of us think that insurance is way to expensive, while 63% believe fuel prices are too high.
  • 35% think that all these additional motoring expenses take up too much of their monthly salary.
So, which are the most expensive cars and which give you a great budget option? The interactive tool gives you a good idea of what’s going to cost a lot more and what’s not:
  • Top of the league when it comes to expense is the Rolls Royce Phantom. The initial price tag is an eye watering £340,650 but you can expect to pay over £23,000 on insurance premiums and you’ll need to live with an average fuel expenditure in excess of £10,000 over 6 years.
  • Sports cars, as you might expect, figure extensively in the most expensive cars. Much of the additional cost is down to the insurance premiums. For a Lamborghini Aventador, for example, expect to pay just a shade over £66,000 in total for your cover while a Ferrari F12 will set you back a little less at £56,525. Road tax for luxury cars is also more expensive, costing on average £3,183 over six years.
  • The cheaper models on the market come with lower running costs, of course. Top of the list here is the Aixam 500-5 which should set you back around £5,999 to buy outright and an extra £3,282 for running costs including petrol over a 6 year period. While the Aixam will only cost you about £702 in fuel, a car like the Smart Passion can set you back £2,335 or more.
Taking a look at all those additional expenses such as fuel, tax and insurance will make a big difference to the final amount you lay out for your new car. Not all vehicles are the same and you can make some significant savings by simply switching to a different model with lower insurance costs or better fuel economy. 

If you’d like to test your own car against the rest, you can use the interactive tool here.

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Passing the Test: How to Prepare Properly

Passing the Test: How to Prepare Properly

So, here’s how to prepare and ensure that you don’t have to take any retests.

Don’t Assume the Theory Test Will Be Easy

Most people focus mainly on the driving aspect of their test and less on the theory. Of course, it’s vital to get the driving right first. But that doesn’t mean that you should completely neglect the theory side of your test. It’s not necessarily as easy as everyone tells you. In fact, it’s only easy when you know the answers. So, make sure you do some preparation and read up on the questions you’re likely to be asked. Learn as much as you can about road signs and the highway code. You don’t want to be caught out by a question you didn’t read up on.

Keep Your Nerves Under Control on the Day

Many people fail their test not because they don’t have the required driving skills but because they get nervous on the day of the test. This is something that is completely natural. It’s perfectly normal to get nervous ahead of such a big test. But if you work hard to get your nerves under control on the day of the test, you will have a much greater chance of passing. Stay calm, focus on doing what you need to do in a rational kind of way, and don’t let the occasion get to you too much.

Take Your Time

You should always take your time when it comes to passing your test. Far too many people rush into taking their test when they are not yet ready. The danger in doing this is that you end up failing the test because you didn’t take the time to learn everything you needed to know. Yes, you might be eager to get your license and become a driver, but that quickest way to do that might be to take your time. That way, you won’t make basic errors and you should be able to pass your test the first time when you eventually take it.

Practice Until You Are Bored of Practicing

Practice is something that will guarantee you test success. It might be pretty dull and boring to practice the same old techniques and manoeuvres time and time again. But when you repeat things constantly, they stick in your brain much easier. Before long, these moves and actions will become almost like reflexes for you. You will just do them automatically without even having to think about them too much. This is what you ideally want to achieve because it will make passing your driving test the first time so much easier for you.

Passing your driving test and getting your license is a milestone. It’s something that most people do at some point, usually when they’re young. So, if you are about to take on the test, you need to be prepared for what’s ahead of you. Preparing properly is vital if you want to pass first time and save yourself money and time.